The Story

The blending of Ms. Allen’s experience as a popular vocalist and pianist, along with her love of God and knowledge of the Bible brings the best of both worlds to the stage in Esther the Musical. Ms. Allen stays true to the Bible story while creating a two-hour Broadway musical style show with a redeeming message of a sovereign God.

The script follows the setting of the Persian Empire 483 BC. King Xerxes (Ahasuerus) had conquered all of the known world at that time with the exception of Greece. Jerusalem was destroyed and the Hebrews taken captive. From this scenario emerges the story of one lovely Jewish orphan girl who was raised by her older cousin Mordecai. and then suddenly, without warning, taken to the harem at the kings palace. There, she finds a destiny she would never have imagined! She eventually rises to become the Queen of Persia and saves her people from an impending holocaust.

The script accurately follows the Old Testament bible story from the book of Esther. It is packed with intrigue, suspense, and a violent, clever man, determined to wipe out the Jewish race A king who is filled with his own power and wealth who loves to party and is suceptible to flattery. And a young woman who is placed in the mix to bring sanity back to the nation and end a wicked plot.



The Prodigal Sons

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